Research on Photographer Stephen Shore for tutor feedback of ‘The Square Mile’

Stephen Shore is an important American photographer who pioneered the use of colour photography.

Born in 1947, Shore starting taking photos at 6 and by age 14 having been influenced by ‘American Photographs’ by Walker Evans, had sold images to Edward Steichen then curator of photography at ‘The Museum of modern Art’ and, at age 24, became only the second photographer to have a solo show at MOMA.

In 1972, Shore embarked on a road trip through America which developed his interest in colour photography and produced the book titled ‘ Uncommon Places’ (1982).  Shore took ‘snapshot’ style images of people he met, places he stayed at and things he ate like a visual diary. Until this point, only black & white photography was considered an art form. ‘Uncommon Places’ became a ‘bible’ for many emerging photographers.

shore stephen

photographs from Uncommon Places’ (1982)

Stephen Shore is the director of the photography program at Bard College Annandale-On –Hudson, NY where he is the Susan Weber professor of the Arts.

References: Edwynn Houk Gallery/Metropolitan Museum of Art/


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