Notes & Feedback-Assignment 1-The Square Mile.

My compositions are strong and sometimes unconventional and I have technical ability. I need to slow down in my approach and start using a tripod occasionally. In image 6 of ‘ The Square Mile’ my buildings are tilting backwards-I have looked at lens correction in CS2 and although understand the principles am having a little trouble in knowing what looks right still. I will need to look at this more.

I have also researched Walker Evans,William Eggleston & Stephen Shore. I was surprised that I had not heard of Stephen Shore prior to this as he is clearly massively important & influential in pioneering colour photography.

I visited the website of  In ‘nonsuch’ Steffi creates urban landscapes. A vision of someones ‘ideal living spaces’ They are unfussy without cars or people and look like models. Here I understand the importance of distortion and tilt correction.

need to look for:-David Bates, Key Concepts. / Stephen Bull, Photography.


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