Exercise 1.4 Frame

In this framing  exercise I used my camera grid to partition the view. The grid was divided into 16 equal parts, I found these too small to work with so I took the initial idea and imagined the grid in sections of 6. At first only photographing a portion of the subject was challenging as I couldn’t ignore the rest of the picture. I chose to photograph my ‘larder’ it was a really gloomy day outside that hadn’t stopped raining. I pushed the speed up to 1000 iso. I still was only able to use shutter speeds of around 1/25 with the aperture wide open (2.8). Knowing that it’s almost impossible to handhold below 1/40 I pushed the iso further to 2000. After analizing my images, I decided to keep the ones in that are a little ‘soft’ due to low shutter speeds. I think these add to the flavour of the ‘rustic’, ‘wholesome’ larder, especially the fruits & vegetables that remind me of still-life oil paintings from the last century.

I chose 9 final pictures to work together. I really like the idea of creating a ‘storyboard’ of images to portray an idea. I purposely used the chillies at the beginning and plates at the end as where they are placed with the collection makes them seem like ‘bookends’ holding everything else in.

I think the placement and compositions work regardless of which part of the grid was used.


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