Assignment 2 ‘Collecting’

Create a series of between 6 and 10 photographs from either: Crowds, Views or Heads. Use methods explored in part 2 to test different focal lengths, apertures and viewpoints. Create a series of images that work together, decide on either vertical or horizontal formats.  This makes the series more coherent. 

  • Creating a series of images takes the viewer on a journey or tells a story.
  • The images must make sense together in some way.
  • INTENT-A series must have intent. Why are you taking the images? What are you trying to say? ref: Brooke Shaden – Creating a series of images/

Crowds-Initially I thought this would be the category I would choose for this assignment. Taking images in a crowded environment lends a  certain anonymity to the photographer which I like.

My first idea was to photograph the Western Cross Country. Marathon runners snaking  through the terrain lends itself to interesting lines and by zooming in close, I could crop different parts of the runners bodies ie: muddy feet together or expressions.  My visit to the Renaissance Exhibition in November  lead me to a photographer called Michael Blann who photographed a series called Mont Ventoux. I love this firstly for the lines and then as I discovered more of his work, I found inspiration for ‘Crowds’. I soon realised that the high viewpoint was paramount to the reason I liked the images and that was going to be impossible from where I live. However, I would like to explore higher viewpoints if an idea or opportunity arises later on.

Heads-This category didn’t appeal to me right now,  I spend a good portion of my life taking portraits for newspapers.  I like to photograph people in their natural environments, or candidly but a portrait sitting or revealing somebody by shooting their face/close up is not interesting for me yet.

Views-This category is out of my comfort zone, but since starting this course I have been drawn to landscape photography more and more. I thought I would carry on being influenced by social documentary and photojournalism like I had when I took my first image at 16………….This is surprising and interesting to me which is why I’ve chosen Views.

I will also be able to experiment with a tripod which was suggested by my tutor in Assignment 1-The Square Mile.


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