Assignment 2 Collecting-Tutor Feedback

‘You chose a very interesting subject for this assignment and you seem to have moved in to a new direction and discovered a new interest in photography, which is very exciting to see. Your images are very good and you have made some very sound choices regarding the approach and the weather conditions (The overcast sky). The images are individually strong and the series is consistent so overall this is a good submission for the second assignment.’

I’m happy with this feedback from my tutor, Although I struggled to find good research material similar to my chosen subject and how I wanted the series to look ie: Out of tourist season and even bleak.

Image 4 (pair of jeans around a flower pot) I added this to the series as i thought it would show a quirky side to the village inhabitants without showing people. my tutor thought it was the only one that perhaps didn’t fit with the rest and the inclusion of other similar shots eg: close ups could have been a welcome inclusion to balance the set. Assignment 2 has also been a learning curve in researching the village and having to obtain permission to photograph it as it is privately owned. I have also been asked by the Estate if I would submit my images for inclusion of their next calendar. In this case I am happy to do this free of charge, as it is part of my work as a student and not as a working photographer.

The brief was to choose either upright or landscape for the series to be coherent. I tried this but was confident that the images I chose would work in both formats. I was happy that my tutor agreed.

Other points raised, as from my first assignment….’Slow Down,Take your time,use a tripod’ This will be an ongoing challenge as I have spent 20 years as a news photographer running after cars whilst taking snaps, jumping hedges, stalking celebs and hanging from the gates of downing street in the midst of a protest!……Watch this space.

My concerns at this time in my studies are the amount of reading material there is. I find it overwhelming at the moment. I am going to go back to the ‘Introduction to Studying  in HE’ and almost start over. I need to manage my research and reading better and devise a structure.




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