How to Research using SQ3R

Try SQ3R


Use a recommended text or book for your course. Turn to a chapter you wish to read and follow the steps below. When you’ve finished, make some reflective notes about your experience of the exercise in your learning log. Place a photocopy/print of the text in your learning log along with your notes. You may need to practise a few times to get the idea.




Avoid careful reading at this stage. Skim through a chapter to identify headings, sub-headings and other keywords in the text. Get a general idea about the content of the chapter.




Next formulate questions about the content. For example, convert the headings, sub-headings and keywords into questions. Then ask yourself more general questions along the lines of when, what, where, why and how, such as;

What is this chapter about?

What question is this chapter trying to answer?

How does this information help me?

(It will help you to make a note of your questions.)




Using your questions to help you, begin a detailed reading of the chapter. Read the whole chapter or article, marking, underlining and noting anything important. This will help maintain your concentration. Then separate the text into smaller sections and read them again, paying careful attention to any underlined words. Slow your reading speed for any difficult parts.




The second ‘R’ refers to ‘Recite’ or ‘Recall’.

Next recall your questions and, using your underlined keywords and phrases, identify major points and answers to your questions. When you’re doing this it’s important that you use your own words, whether spoken or written.




The final ‘R’ is Review.

Review what you’ve read and learned. Skim through the text again and test yourself to check that you can answer your questions.



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