Exercise 3.1 The Frozen Moment

I have isolated a moment in time by photographing water from a tap. I set the camera to Shutter Priority mode. Whilst using Photoshop to edit. I enlarged some of the images and discovered the beauty of pattern within the running water.

The first image has a faster speed and the shallow depth of field makes the water flow stand out even more as the tap is thrown out of focus. Both speeds are able to capture the water movement but there is a marked difference in sharpness.


The first two images are exactly the same exposure times, but the second has been magnified using Photoshop. These images could be pictures of crystal vases. They are frozen movement.In the third image I really slowed down the shutter to see the effects. Although not quite so beautiful, you can see how the water flow criss crosses itself as it is released from the tap. These recorded moments of running water may never be captured in the same way again.


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