Exercise 3.2 A Durational Space.


My inspiration for this exercise came from my research into Hiroshi Sugimoto. In the same way Hiroshi contemplates all existence looking to the horizons of his ‘Seascapes’ I have used motion to create a landscape with no markers to suggest a particular time or even place.  By blurring the landscape all signs of people and buildings are obliterated.

Sugimoto tries to create a landscape identical to how his ancestors would have viewed it. I have imagined a landscape of the future when everything man made has been wiped out.  We may not see the fragments and motion lines when we look at a landscape as these images show, but they add to the emergency of needing to preserve the landscape as we become over populated.

I set the camera to shutter priority mode and lowered the iso rating to 200 which is the lowest recommended  speed for my Nikon D300. As I changed the shutter speeds down from 1/30 to (1/15, 1/10,1/8,) 1/2 some of the images became over exposed. I changed the iso down again to’ Lo 1’ to allow me more control over the shutter and aperture settings. In retrospect, I don’t think this made much of a difference. I have never used my camera below iso 200 before.

I ‘panned’ the camera from left to right, taking in trees and fields. I probably was not consistent in how fast I was moving each time.

I have included a contact sheet and selected some of my favourite ‘Motionscapes’.



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