Project 1-Exposure Exercise 4.1

Photography-A compound of the Greek words for light (phos)and writing (graphie) implying that a photograph is writing with light.

For this exercise, I have photographed a dark object (black curtains), a white object (white radiator) and a grey/midtoned object (grey handbag).

I filled the frame with each item. Using the fully-auto ‘Program ‘mode I photographed each tone and without using photoshop to enhance them, noticed how similar the tones were to each other. There is not a distinctive difference between the colours. All images have come out as grey. To the eye, the black image was darker and the white, lighter.

I checked the histograms for each. They are different shapes but all spiking in the central divisions of the graph. I would say the grey image is softer therefore having more tonal range.

The exercise was repeated again, this time using manual mode and adjusting the exposure meter for each picture. The black is blacker and the white whiter than before. The white isn’t as bright as it should have been on the histogram reading. This could be because of the shadows on the radiator giving a different tone to the raised metal of the radiator. The greys are very similar.

The cameras metering system averages each exposure around the mid-tones. This is because the light metered is ‘reflected’ light from he subject and not ‘incident’ light, the light falling onto a subject. A light meter can measure incident light.

The exposure exercise has been on my mind as the white histogram was not as far to the right in the highlights as expected. I decided to find a truer white and take another picture. With the truer white the histogram now reads where first expected. Problem solved.


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