Alex Webb (1952)

San Francisco born photographer Alex Webb studied photography at the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts in Massachusetts while, majoring in history and literature at Harvard. In 1976 Webb became a member of Magnum.

Webb first worked in black and white, but whilst travelling to Mexican border towns and the Caribbean, felt his work was lacking something and started experimenting with colour. Webb speaks of the energy on the streets and how colour is part of the vibrant culture in those places.

Webbs unique style of use of vivid colour, intense shadows and unconventional placement of subject matter makes his street images immediately recognizable.

In this interview for Foto Tapeta he talks about the time of day he likes to shoot.

“When I am working, then I really have to work. I really have to work. I really have to stay attuned. I have to get up early in the morning, get out and I wonder and maybe the light is getting less interesting, then I eat my breakfast… I work in color, where light is really important in a very special way, so I work certain hours much more than others. I am always out at the latter half of the afternoon and in the evening.” Alex Webb 

Refs: interview, Marek Gruygiel/Adam Mazur


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