Photo London 2016 (1)

Photo London-Somerset House May 19th-22nd

On May 20th I traveled to London to visit Photo London. The photo fair, now in its’ second year brought together leading galleries from around the world, exhibitions and daily talks with influential photographers. I was lucky enough to listen in with Alec Soth, Massimo Vitali, and Richard Misrach.

As well as the talks, I was really excited to see some works by one of my favourite photographers Evgenia Arbugaevia. Her work was part of the Photographers Gallery and I was able to chat with Print Sales Specialist Anstice Oakeshott about Evgenias work and possible lighting techniques that she may have used in her series ‘Weatherman’. In the Polar skies there is very little light and Arbugaeva is able to use these fleeting windows to create a sense of space and dreamlike scenarios.

Evgenia Arbugaeva(b.1985) is a Russian photographer who studied at The International Centre of Photography. ‘Weatherman’ is a series of documentary style images that depict Vyacheslav Korotki a meteorologist living at an Arctic outpost, an hours helicopter ride away from the nearest town. Evgenia wanted to portray a lonely, hermit type of person that had run away from something in the world but realised that he wasn’t lonely at all. In an interview with the New Yorker she speaks of Korotki as ‘not having a sense of self like most people do, as if he were the wind or weather itself’ –The New Yorker Portfolio Dec 8th 2014.

‘I am photographing the ‘real’ but also trying to create a dreamlike, surreal atmosphere to emphasise feelings. I am not so interested in the reality of a place, but rather little pieces, moments that contribute to the fairy tale feeling I have when I am there’– The Photographers Gallery 2016.

For ‘Weatherman’ Evgenia recieved help from Photo De Mer, a French grant program that funds photo essays about the sea.

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