Exercise 4.3The Beauty of Artificial Light

One evening I returned from work and saw the children in their room. As they didn’t see me outside as they were all on devices I decided to see what I could shoot through the window. After checking the exposure in the first shot I loved how the outside reflection became part of the image adding another dimension and a ‘other worldly’ quality. I wondered how much interference from the outside would break their concentration. The blue sky of dusk enhances the blue light of the screens.

In learning photography I was always told that anything hand held below 1/60 would result in an unsharp image. These pictures were all hand-held between 1/20 & 1/10 and considering they were also shot through a window are surprisingly sharp.

There is ambient light in the room from a bedside lamp that is giving an overall warmish feel, coupled with the blue light from the screens of the devices. The blue light is more direct creating shadows and a ‘washed-out’ , bluish appearance to the skin.  The devices are draining their natural skin tones. In pictures 1 and 3 you can make out the sidelighting from the lamp and direct light from the device.

Artificial lighting can be harsh and unatural. These pictures are even eerie. At the same time the capturing of children concentrating is quite beautiful. Daylight produces a more diffused spread of light.


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