Exercise 4.4-Ex nihilo

Use a combination of quality, contrast, direction and colour to light an object to show its form.

Quality of light can be described as ‘hard’ light that creates definite edges and dark tones to shadow or soft light which is more diffused and lessens shadow contrast.

Contrast is controlled by a second light source such as a reflector and is measured between the highlights and shadow of the subject.

The direction of the light will have an effect on shadows made from the object and on highlights and texture. An object can appear rounded or flatter depending on where the light is directed.

Colour can be achieved by colored gels on the lights or use of a reflector. ie: a gold reflector can be used to make skin tones appear golden.

I chose an egg as a simple, organic shape. The background paper was brown, similar to a cardboard colour. I was really surprised how the background changes colour so much.

The two first pictures use side lighting from a large window. They are more natural looking and show the shape of the egg more. The shadows are soft and lie to the opposite side of the light source. In the second, the flash gives an all over life-like tone and light is more even.

The ambient lit egg, is slightly dull and flat. The fourth egg has a harsh direct flash light, again all though the colour is better it is still flat and there is a pool of shadow underneath.

In the last two taken with the central room light, The egg taken from above is flat against the background and has a strong shadow. I actually quite like this shot. It looks like an eclipse. The incidental shadow adds interest from this angle.

The last egg is top lit from the central room light. The light is cold and makes the egg a bit washed out, although there is form from the shadow created from above lighting.



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