Exercise 4.5 Ex-nihilo

Make an image search and take screenshot of a ´landscape, portrait or object´. Note down similarities you find between the images.


There is usually a foreground, midground (subject, but not always) and the sky usually features. The typical landscape therefore, can be said is divided into three strips of information or composition. The foreground and sky are at the edges, leading your eye to the main part, mountains/trees etc. This is the section with the most depth. Variations include foreground subjects, clouds and the horizon line depicted as irregular or curved. Landscapes are often seen as aesthetically pleasing as something to view that is easy-on-the-eye, sweeping, majestic, a wide expanse of terrain with enhanced colours.


In the Prix Pictet photography category ‘Earth’ , Chris Steele-Perkins has depicted mount Fuji as being incidental. Although the mountain features in all the images, the scenes of everyday life that go on around Mount Fuji are included into the scene and become equally as important as the mountain.

I wanted to shoot a landscape that differed from the screenshot in terms of being less aesthetic and more gritty and interesting.  This chosen terrain comes with questions and can be analysed from a social and environmental viewpoint. The images are views of the landscape, yet they feature foreground subjects that unlike trees, mountains or ‘natural’ environmental sights, need to be thought about. As these wind turbines are close to where I live there continues to be debate about their function and how they impact on our landscape. My chosen image from this exercise shows the landscape as being incidental as there are other considerations within the picture. I have chosen to frame the final image with the fence and barbed wire, both are also man-made structures on the natural landscape but are noticed less due to size, their function and age.  By using black and white each form is given equal importance in the frame especially significant with the foreground weed appearing as tall as the turbine.landscapeContactSheet-001


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