Exercise 5.1 The Distance Between Us.

Use the camera as a measuring device. This dosen’t refer to the distance scale on the focus ring! Instead, find a subject you have empathy with and take a selection of shots to explore the distance between yourself and subject. Select your best shot.

When choosing your ‘select’ don’t evaluate the shots according to the idea you had when taking the shots, instead, evaluate it by what you discover within the frame. Be open to the unexpected.

Look critically at the work you did by including what you didn’t mean to do. Include the mistakes or your unconscious, or whatever you want to call it and analyse it, not from the point of view of your intention, but because it is there.-Alexia Clorinda.


My ’empathy’ moment came whilst on a camping trip in Cornwall. Most of the weather was good, but it was the onset of misty morning drizzle that inspired me to pick up the camera. The very nature of the weather and leisure activity undertaken by many during the Summer holidays made me feel even less able to approach people to photograph them than before. I wasn’t interested in them (the others) in the slightest, or them of me.

The select I have chosen emphasizes the distance between us. Instead of becoming closer to the subject I became further away. Although I was aware of the person I was photographing and even the rain on the window, I was not aware how the picture made me feel until I saw it again. Although I was also camping and in the same situation, I was sheltered , separated by the glass of a car and the weather. A million miles away from the wet and gloomy subject.


A dog walker on a campsite in the rain


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