Exercise 5.2 The Distance Between Us

For this exercise I have chosen a picture from photographer Shane Lynham named ‘Untitled’. I first saw this image at the Getty ‘Renaissance Prize’ exhibition. The image was shorlisted in the category ‘Line’. I very much like the work of Lynham and this image has been etched into my mind ever since for the simplicity of the background and understated participation of the subjects.

Whilst at a local Triathlon, I knew I could use the idea of Lynham’s picture to create similar aesthetics.

After reading Terry Barrett’s Photographs and Contexts, I believe my response of the photograph falls into the category of ‘internal context’ because of the near identical subject of the swimmers wearing caps, the element of sea and also of the composition as the line of swimmers draws your eye to the same point on the horizon. The viewpoint, whilst taken from the right hand side, is different as Lynham is standing higher, creating  a lower horizon line for a greater expanse of sky.


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