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Reflection – Feedback for Assignment 3.

Overall there are lots of positives in my tutor feedback regarding The Decisive Moment’ Assignment 3. I like how my tutor could see a graphic style to the compositions she says  ‘de-clutters them’ (de-cluttering my friends homes are my other pastime!) Obviously I am looking for some kind of order in my pictures that reflects how I am in life. I had received a reminder about the assignment being late and I think I became a little flustered. I had already shot the images whilst away and was happy that the tutor agreed that they met the brief. However, I managed to fail to send any research or links to my log to my tutor and titled the Assignment ‘2’ instead of ‘3’ and left off one of the images! Having to change tutor caused me anxiety as well.

I feel this assignment was a bit sloppy and rushed. Looking at the edited pictures again I would have left out the lady on the beach picture. I don’t really like how she is too far out of the frame. I also think they are a little ‘touristy’ maybe, again the edit was rushed and some other shots would have been ‘braver’ to include.

My Assignment 2 ‘Collecting’ I feel was much stronger and had more direction and thought. If I choose to photograph again whilst away, i will take more images to edit so as to ‘re-work’ the assignment. The only re-working I can do here is to arrange the images into a different sequence. I have used (I think) my two strongest images at the start and end of the series as my tutor suggested.


Feedback for Assignment 3 The Decisive Moment.

I think you have captured a feeling of the decisive moment well within your work here.

Your technical and visual skills are competent .You have quite a graphic style to your compositions which I like, it declutters your images, in some cases rendering them quite abstract such as your image of palm leaves and the blue windows.

Your images are exposed correctly with vivid colours. You have observed and captured interesting moments which bring life to the  places you have photographed.

Your work is presented well, however, I think you need to consider the order/sequence of your images as the last two images are very similar in composition and subject matter. A good way to sequence your images is to have one of your strongest images first and last. Then create a balance so that they tell a story without repeating themselves.

Competent realisation of ideas, presented well, showing consistency in judgement.Your ideas are coming across well in your images, showing the decisive moment in each image but in a relatively subtle way.

Some evidence of creativity, little evidence of risk-taking, with a few imaginative outcomes.

Your work is starting to show your personal voice with your images being personal to you, other people might not take images like these. I would however like to see more experimentation in your images, particularly in your subject and experimenting with viewpoint, getting closer and concepts and ideas.