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Assignment 5-Photography is Simple

Photography is simple…..

Honey is a Lundy pony. A Dunn, with characteristic mane and tail darker than her body and a long dark strip of colour running down her back known as a dorsal stripe. Lundy ponies were created from New Forest and Welsh Mountain ponies, introduced to the island of Lundy, 12 miles off the coast of Devon in 1928 to establish a new breed.

On the island, the 20 strong herd are semi-feral, apart from veterinary care and hoof trimming.

Honey lives in Devon.

My idea for this assignment was to find a field of horses and take different parts of their bodies and habitat. After receiving permission and directions to the fields it soon became apparent that vast, rolling Devon fields containing only one pony each were going to be a challenge.

I returned to the stables disheartened, ready to rethink the brief. My initial ideas and research of ‘The Exmoor Pony round-up’ and the ‘Wild Horses of Sable Island’ were feeling unachievable.

When I arrived there were two ponies that had been stabled. The moment I saw the Dunn against the dark background, contained, head up, and alert I knew what I wanted to do. I had been given a copy of Tim Flach’s Equus in 2008, a book whose images were familiar to me.

Honey couldn’t canter away. She was confined to her stable and even though this was ideal for me, I was aware of needing her permission to take her photo. I spent a while, just being there holding the camera and then began to talk to her. Once this communication was established I began to photograph the beautiful curve and strength of her back, the vulnerability of her eyes and the gentleness of her mouth.

Initially I was concerned with photographing every piece of Honey to make a ‘jigsaw’ almost to piece together. However, when selecting the final edit this seemed unimportant compared with capturing her fragility.


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Final Selection:

Assignment 5 Feedback:

Overall my feedback was good for this assignment. As far as the images go my tutor particularly liked image 1 comparing it to a landscape. This pleases me as I think it’s my strongest image and this is the abstract look that I was trying to put across. The abstract nature of the pony in a stable come across well as opposed to photographing the animal in a field.

Other comments are that number 3 has no focal point and number 6 feels too central. The images are also quite repetitive with information and other parts of the horse could have been used eg: hoof, belly etc.

I did photograph different parts of the horse but my final selection was based more on which images I liked and also the ones that I thought were stronger as a series.

If I am honest, I struggled with producing 10 images for this assignment. I was desperate to edit down to create a stronger set, however I followed the brief.

I am pleased to have been told that the reason my prints were blue in places was down to calibration of my monitor with the printers. The problems I had with printing these pictures overshadowed the enjoyment of this assignment. I have spent too much money, not ended up with the size I wanted and not received borders on my images as requested.

My tutor does not want me to send these images into assessment before the printing is rectified.

There was also no feedback from the request of linking the assignment to exercise 5.2.