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Exercise 2.7 The Distorting Lens

By using small apertures a greater depth of field can be achieved. A foreground subject enhances this and gives balance and purpose within the frame. These pictures were shot on a very sunny midday and I didn’t need a slow shutter speed. the first image has an interesting pattern in the sand which becomes foreground detail.


Exercise 2.5 The Distorting Lens

Find a subject in front of a background with depth, focus on the subject and take a picture.

Without changing the focal length, set the lens to infinity. Take another shot. In picture 1 the background is now sharp.DSC_1030


Exercise 2.1 The Distorting Lens

I have taken a series of shots from the same viewpoint but with different focal lengths. I have used the actual focal lengths as they appear on the lens barrel. This exercise shows the movement that can be achieved through the lens rather than the movement of the photographer. To my mind the first image seems the ‘normal’ eyes view of the scene.